My bathtub is wrecked. Prussian blue footprints, flakes of gesso, glitter…. The bath is my first stop post-studio. Painting is for me, now, a contact sport, a dance performance, a musical revue, a screaming contest; an exuberant, weeping, joyous, raging dialogue.

Years ago I thought I would grow up to be a writer and as part of my daily writing practice I developed the habit of recording my dreams. Then I graduated from college with a studio art degree. I had begun to use the most compelling dream imagery in my visual work: conjoined triplet dogs, pet bears, radishes containing gemstones I harvested with nuns. But after a forever of sleeping easily and deeply, I developed insomnia. I sought every healer I could find, tried on every healing modality. The last five years look something like this: running, psychotherapy, Yoga Nidra, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, self-help workshops, tarot, Zen and somatic meditation, astrological readings, intuitive counseling, float sessions, dream analysis, physical therapy, TRE, hypnotherapy, breathwork, DNRS, IFS.

Without my consent, my peaceful, wonder-full relationship to the night had become a place of anxiety and unrest. But I began to look into my darkest places. And I began to see my dreams not just for their funny commentary and metaphors. In conjunction with all of these healing explorations, I saw them for what they were trying to teach me about how I needed to grow. I saw the value of letting my subconscious do the talking. And this has now become my studio practice. Painting (including writing) is my meditation. This work is about letting my unseen parts speak, about letting my body talk, about healing wounds, about being a conduit or a channel for something unplanned and urgent. About communicating with the dead, with my own intuition. About allowing something bigger than my conscious mind to make itself seen on paper. About opening to self-compassion, magic, limitless love, and uncensored emotion, and about being humbled in the experience.

I was born and raised in California, and received my Bachelors in Studio Art from the University of California Santa Cruz in 2002. I spent three years in New York City studying at the Art Students League, and now make work in Portland, Oregon.



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