• Three hour appointments. (In Portland, OR)
  • I provide: space, materials, support
  • You provide: work clothes (including footwear), music if you'd like
  • $170 for a solo session, or $95 per person for 2-4 people

Work with me

In the last two years my work has become almost wholly about process. I love a good idea. But for years I started with ideas and then faced a kind of performance paralysis. Very slowly, without conscious awareness, I started building personal exercises to break through that panic. But it wasn't quite enough. When it was suggested I finger paint, my studio practice blew wide open. And so did the rest of me. 

As someone who excels at intellectualizing EVERYTHING, my body was crying out for me to come home. Now I paint to feel my feelings, to be in my body, to quiet my mind, and to know myself. Painting is my preferred form of meditation. It has seen me through illness and grief and fear and anxiety. By allowing myself the space to listen to my body, I make paintings that bring me peace and joy. And gigantic messes. 

Now I want to give you the space to explore in the same way. I have a studio where you have permission to get filthy. You get to be un-precious with materials. You can sing and dance and shout while you work. I can offer as little or as much guidance as you need. And I can sit with you or leave you be. You can come to work alone, or you can bring people to paint alongside you. 

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